Mushrooms in the Wild

In the wild, mushrooms arise from an amazing outcome to a genetics game of chance. Thousands of spores are produced and shot out into the world to be dispersed by wind, water insects and animals. A very low proportion of these spores ever make it to growing into mushrooms, and yet in some remarkable fashion, some do.

Mushrooms don't always come from spores?

At Columbia Mushroom Company, we have isolated genetically pure strains selected for optimum production stability and consistency. Unlike growing from spores, this process can be likened to grafting, much like what is done with the many fruit trees in our region. Where as a seed (spore) would produce a fruit different from its parent, grafting produces a genetically identical limb, and in turn identical fruit. Our culture bank is comprised of culinary, medicinal*, and many Pacific Northwest species found and identified in the surrounding forests.

Spawn Production


We produce all of our mycelial spawn  - live fungal tissues - at the farm in our on-site laboratory. We focus primarily on grain spawn, made from Certified Organic Rye for indoor mushroom growing. We also make sawdust spawn and plug spawn of many different species intended for outdoor grow.

We are also happy to produce spawn for home enthusiasts, commercial growers, and farms looking to bring mushrooms into the mix. Click the button below to find the best method of getting a hold of us.


*The products sold by Columbia Mushroom Company are meant solely as a gourmet food item and we cannot claim, nor legally be held responsible for any supposed medicinal qualities.