Grow your own

So, you want to grow your own? Columbia Mushroom Company is here to help! We can supply you with mushroom starter spawn at various steps in the process.

Rye Berry Spawn.jpg

Grain Spawn/Sawdust Spawn

For the farmer who wants to do it all. We use Millet amended with small amounts of Sawdust for most species, and just Sawdust for others. This spawn is for the do-it-yourselfer who has more room to get things going exactly as they would like from the ground up.


Fruiting Blocks

For the farmer with a busy schedule. Ready-to-go Fruiting Blocks provide an indoor mushroom growing experience without all the extra hassle

mushroom dowel.jpg


For the courageous farmer.  Dowel spawn gives you the hands-on experience with the ease of letting nature run the show.



Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Growing a fruiting block? Have some unanswered questions? Click the link below for some answers