Neil A. Brent, Founder/Owner/Farmer

Sarah J. Resnick, Farmer/Farmers Market Coordinator

Kaldi Bresnick, Farm Pup

See Columbia Mushroom Company in The Gorge Magazine Winter Edition 2017-18, pages 26-27


Columbia Mushroom Company, LLC is a small gourmet mushroom farm dedicated to providing quality, healthy, and nutritious mushrooms to the local community of Hood River, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge. What started as a small side project by a couple in their 20's (Neil A. Brent and Sarah J. Resnick), has grown over into a small business supporting a number of local markets and restaurants. To fit in with our mission of trying to be as sustainable as possible, we started our production farm out of a recycled shipping container and utilize second use, reusable food grade 5 gallon buckets to grow in. We have since moved on, and expanded into a large barn on an old family run farm. Our desire is to not only be able to provide for our community, but to show people that urban farming IS possible no matter how much land you have available.